“Restoring the body’s rightful relationship with clothing.“


Descended from a maternal lineage that established a leather goods business in Aveyron at the close of the 19th century, Claire Châtaigner inherited a legacy steeped in craftsmanship. With a great-grandmother skilled in corsetry and another renowned as a milliner and wedding dress designer in the early 20th century, Claire’s path to a life in design was evident from an early age. Her innate talent was affirmed by several awards in sculpture, writing, and costume design.

From the age of 17, Claire embarked on a parallel journey, honing her skills in various capacities within renowned fashion houses. Her work garnered the support of influential figures within these establishments and their ateliers. In 2006, she unveiled her inaugural semi-custom collection, crafted in collaboration with the YSL atelier. This debut was marked by a showcase under the auspices of Madame Carven at the Hôtel Drouot Montaigne on November 15, 2006.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Claire pursued academic excellence, earning a master’s degree in private law and a post-graduate diploma in political science. Her academic journey culminated in a doctoral thesis in medical law focusing on “the political and legal delineation of the human body” in 2005. Subsequently, in 2016, she pursued a doctoral program in fashion anthropology at EHESS, further enriching her understanding of the cultural significance of fashion.”

Deeply rooted in her DNA, Claire is steadfastly committed to the rich tradition of French savoir-faire. Operating from her personal workshop in Paris, she meticulously crafts her creations and meticulously sources materials from France, Italy, and the UK.

In 2017, taking the initiative under her own name, Claire became the exclusive bespoke recommendation for Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. By 2020, she ascended to become their sole haute-mesure provider for women, welcoming clients by appointment in the opulent private salons on the store’s third floor.

In 2018, she conceived and delivered a groundbreaking multidisciplinary course titled “Le corps à 360°, une pédagogie de la diversité morphologique humaine” at ESMOD Paris, bridging general and higher education. Supported by esteemed figures such as Alain Froment, collections director at the Musée de l’Homme, and André Delpuech, museum director, Claire embarked on the Humanteca foundation project in 2019, aiming to establish a comprehensive digital library of global human morphology.

In 2021, alongside lobbyist Jean-Paul Laborde, Claire established the “Mission Fabrication Française,” a visionary initiative she presented to the French National Assembly and Senate. By 2022, she spearheaded CorpusIA, a pioneering global high-tech made-to-measure endeavor developed in collaboration with the 3dverse platform. This transformative project, encompassing measurement, creation, and production, includes virtual fitting on an avatar, revolutionizing the apparel industry with a new paradigm of “responsible” production.


Inheritor of a lineage of women dressmakers and corsetières, Claire Châtaigner channels her talent and expertise into crafting bespoke garments befitting the grandeur of their occasions. Each piece is a singular masterpiece, destined to leave an indelible mark on memory.

– in Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche magazine

Following her studies in law, the designer gravitated naturally back to her first passion, driven by a fervent desire to champion the heritage and craftsmanship of French luxury goods, which she believes have been neglected. The brand’s ethos encapsulates this sentiment perfectly: “To honor elegance by harmonizing the nobility of materials with the delicacy of details.”

– Aurélia Scheyé for Femina magazine

Claire Châtaigner stands apart. She didn’t emerge from the corridors of a fashion school; rather, she found her way into the industry through a different route. Resolute in her refusal to conform to predefined molds, she possesses a remarkable knack for venturing into unexpected realms. This is reflected in the precision of her jackets, boasting sharp lines and impeccable trench coats cinched at the waist.

– Françoise Hery for Le Journal du textile


Family portrait (1924)


Family-run chamois leather (and other leather goods) factory, located in Cresseils (Aveyron department)