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Claire Châtaigner proposes creating your piece in her Parisian workshop & studio (using exclusively French, English and Italian fabrics), in the choice of: 


The models stemming from the runway collections are carefully crafted to be perfectly adapted to you. 


The model is created with and for the customer, integrating every fundamental stage: sketch, canvas mock-up, construction, prototype, fittings and retouches.


I became fascinated early on by the representations of feminine divinities in the history of art, tracing back to its origins, among which the first, the symbol of fertility, resembles through its forms and its grace the African woman. As such, the various facets of Africa amaze me, from the Egypt of the Pharaohs, to the ethnicities of Central Africa, the East and the West. This intensely rich culture seduced me at the Branly Museum and enchanted me at the Voodoo Museum of Strasbourg during my visit in May 2014. During this very period, I was a member of the Couture Federation, which had selected the theme "Blacks Effects" on the occasion of Haute Couture Fashion Week in July 2014, presented at the Maison Champs-Elysées (Paris 8th). I quite naturally chose Black Africa by way of one of the founding goddesses of the Voodoo religion, which remains very powerful to this day: Mami Wata. Originally "Mother Water," she embodied the mermaid which embellished the bow of the Portuguese ships at the time of the triangular trade. Her divine mission is to carry the souls of loved ones that have disappeared into the sea to the afterlife.


She also symbolizes wealth and fertility and protects sinners, yet equally represents the destructive ocean. The dress, conceived over the course of 2 and a half months of work, consists of a hood in Berry Rooster feathers symbolizing the aerial, the link with the afterlife. The body of the dress in black cotton tulle is embroidered with more than one hundred black braids representing the impressive hair of the goddess and her "mermaid" form. Each braid finishes with a skull in black wood, with eyes inlayed with black Swarovski crystals, illustrating through its placement at the bottom of the dress and its contact with the ground its connection to the Earth and men. The link between my creation, the divinities, their symbolism (Culture and Nature) and my philosophy are constant. For me, it is a matter of offering a piece of the divine to the precious bodies that I clothe.




In an era focalized on the quest for wellbeing, wherein renewed care is applied to the food with which we nourish ourselves, it becomes essential to respect the body with the garment that adorns it.

It is the garment that must comply the body and not constrain it, as was advocated by the first prominent couturiers of the 20th century who liberated it. Today, the diktat of trends and standardized sizes pushes women to view themselves through a critical lens based on their body, age, and ethnic group. Claire Châtaigner serves as the creative extension each Woman, so that she may rediscover a respect for her body and her identity.

"The Body is a Jewel for which I strive to create the most faithful Ring Box"


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