“The world would be a more beautiful place if it were dressed the way you do.” 

– Henry Leal, Madame Carven’s head seamstress

Claire Châtaigner, Les Moments d’exception at Bon Marché Rive Gauche (Spring 2024)


Claire Châtaigner’s inaugural fashion show on November 15, 2006, alongside Madame Carven, the godmother of the event.


Claire Châtaigner perceives herself primarily as “the creative extension of her clients,” stirring the dormant elegance of Haute Couture. It’s a symbiotic process, from inception to fruition, aimed at achieving absolute satisfaction.

Her exploration of diverse human physiques and cultures fuels her creativity. Every frame, embroidery, and finishing touch is meticulously handcrafted in her Parisian atelier, a space she has owned since 2008.

Remaining true to her familial heritage, Claire Châtaigner exclusively collaborates with French suppliers:

Utilizing French silk, lace, and leather.

Engaging Italian and English sources for wool, twill, and cashmere.

Harnessing French expertise for embroidery, floral work, sequins, pleating, gloves, lingerie, footwear, and bespoke millinery.