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In its long held tradition of exceptional French savoir-faire, the House of Claire Châtaigner proposes the creation of wedding dresses crafted with the most meticulous care.

For the designer, this implies writing, in collaboration with the future bride, the story of her gown. That which she will one day recite… She thereby proposes to open the doors of her renowned suppliers, exclusively for the future bride: silk houses from Lyon, lace makers from Caudry, etc.

The appointment process is as follows:

1st meeting: The future bride comes with or without an idea regarding the conception of her article of clothing. She expresses her desires.

2nd meeting: The designer presents 3 to 5 sketches to the future bride, who also has the option to combine or modify them as she wishes. She selects her choice of fabrics from those presented in the suppliers’ range. Measurements are taken and a quote is provided.

3rd meeting: The future bride tries on the canvas mock-up of her dress. Validation or retouching ensues (2nd fitting of the canvas, if necessary).

4th meeting: Fitting to finalise the form of the dress.

5th meeting: Delivery of the final dress.

The creation of a bespoke wedding dress necessitates an average of approximately 60 to 200 hours of work within our atelier.

“An exceptional dress for an exceptional event”


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